Iron On Football Design Rhinestone Transfer

Iron On Football Design Rhinestone Transfer

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Fun Football design made of 3mm crystal clear rhinestones that easily iron onto clothing or material.

Just stick in place, apply heat to melt flatback of glue on material and peel off the sticky paper, leaving behind your sparkly design with no glue or residue visible!

Measuring 4.2" x 4.2".

These rhinestone transfers have glue attached to the base which is activated when heat is applied. They can be applied by simply ironing on

Instructions can be found on You Tube:

Peal off the white back and stick your rhinestone transfer in position

Then place baking paper or a thin piece of cloth on top of the transfer so the film does not melt and stick to the iron

Press gently on to the top of the rhinestone transfer with a very hot iron pressing downwards for approx 15 seconds

The heat will transfer through the baking paper and the rhinestones activating the glue when it reaches the bottom.

TIP:  Heat the glue again from the bottom by turning the garment inside out just to make sure all the rhinestones have stuck! 

Remove the transfer paper when cool

washable at 30 degrees!